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Hello All & thank you for visiting S'cape's Relaxation Services
(Pronounced Escape)
Now-a-days, stress is at an all time high.  This business is only a testimony of the day-to-day hustle and bustle, as well as, stress that we all have taken on for many years.  The only way that S'cape staff members can truly understand the impact stress has on others, is by experiencing it ourselves.
It is time for us all to at least try to take a break from the day-to-day overwhelming demands that require our attention. 
"It is  past time for us to do something different and/or unique to indirectly take care of "OURSELVES".  

The owner highly believes in relaxation and therefore continues to endure educational experiences that can help our community relieve stress.

This company has so many plans for all of you.  Although we cannot promise that all of the events offered here at "S'cape" will help you completely "Escape" from your stress ,  we are very hopeful that some of the services offered will catch your attention and at least momentarily take you away from the pressure, strain, tension, anxiety and constant worry life can sometimes bring our way.

The owner of S'cape prides herself in catering to others.  She feels that customers' needs are of the utmost importance, therefore S'cape's "hand selected" team is committed to meeting them.  As a result, a high percentage of S'cape's business is from repeat customers and referrals.

S'cape wants you to finally have a place to attend that you can honestly relax and just "BE YOURSELF".  So please..... " prepare to come as you are". 
Our team is truly looking forward to working with each of you and we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.   

Lastly, yet most importantly, I, The Owner, A Licensed Massage Therapist and An Events Manager, with years of Customer Service, Customer interactions, and very detailed/unique educational & work experiences, would like to THANK GOD for the many years of preparation and for choosing me to do a small portion of his work. 
It's an honor and blessing to finally recognize GOD's voice, plans, and mission for me to serve others by helping our community to relax

 @ 2017 Copyright S'cape Relaxation Services, D.B.A

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